Ashkan Nourzadeh

Software Engineer/Developer, Learner and Gamer

About me

I began programming almost 13 years ago by learning QBasic and VB6, and since I was interested in game development I learned C and C++.
Afterward, I experimented with Action Script, Lite-C (3D Game Studio), Unity 3D, and some 3D modeling software, such as Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max.
During high school, I have studied Web Development using Python and PHP for the backend and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for the front end.
In college, I learned about C#, .Net Framework, and SQL Server and began working as a Full-Stack Software Developer.
As a result of what I worked on (mainly IoT, Industrial Automation, and Stock Exchange related software, including online trading), I gained experience in high-performance software design/architecture and developed multiple high-performance applications for different platforms that were highly successful.

I also love computer games, and I’m a gamer!

Throughout these years I’ve never stopped learning/playing/experimenting with new technologies and languages, so the list below shows the bolder things I know and what I experimented with but not everything.

General Concepts

Platforms that I’ve built for/upon




Game Engines

* categories are not that accurate

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