Ashkan Nourzadeh

Software Engineer/Developer, Learner and Gamer

About me

I’ve started programming almost 11 years ago by learning QBasic and VB6, then because I was interested in game development I’ve learned C and C++.

Then started experimenting with Action Script, Lite-C (3D Game Studio), Unity 3D and some 3D modeling softwares such as Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max.

After that, during high school I’ve started learning Web Development using PHP and Python for back-end and HTML/CSS/JavaScript for font-end.

When I went to college I’ve found C#, .Net Framework and SQL Server an interesting stack and started working as a Full-Stack Software Developer.

Based on what I was working on (mostly IoT, Industrial Automation and Stock Exchange related softwares incl online trading), I’ve gained experience in high-performance software design/architecture and developed many high-performance software for different platforms.

During these years I’ve never stopped learning/playing/experimenting new technologies and languages, thus the list below shows the bolder things I know and what I experimented with

General Concepts





Game Engines

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